KF Bioplants

KF Bioplants Pvt. Ltd., located in Pune, India, is the result of the successful collaboration between Florist Holland B.V. and the Kumar Group. Seedlings and young plants are grown in this ISO-certified production facility under sterile and climatologically ideal conditions for the local Indian market and global export. In the laboratory for tissue culture, with a surface area of around 10,000 m², 800 qualified employees are working on propagating new varieties of Gerbera. KF Bioplants also works with products from other companies, such as orchids, lilies, vegetables and even more horticultural products. Because KF Bioplants is located in India, markets in surrounding Asian countries can be served more quickly and more efficiently.

Further information: www.kfbioplants.com

For questions about the opportunities available at KF Bioplants, please contact: Marcel van der Vemde