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Garvinea® Garden Gerbera

The new generation, Garvinea Sweet® Series known as the garden gerbera is here!

Garvinea® Sweet Series has great garden performance blooming from early spring until the first frost with a high resistance to pests and diseases. Now with larger and more striking flowers, the nonstop flowering Sweet series are perfect for planting in the garden or courtyard for long term enjoyment. Mass planted they look sensational! Plant them in decorative pots outside for an eye catching color feature. Garvinea® Sweets attract bees, butterflies, making it a great addition to any garden.

• The first true garden gerbera

• Unique selection of robust, bee-friendly garden plants

• Generous non-stop flowering

• From early spring until first frost

• High resistance to pests and diseases

• Heat and cold tolerant

• Ideal for garden beds and borders, decorative pots and cut flower gardens