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Florist Holland names a special Gerbera variety after Maryna Kinakh

16 April the Flower Expo Ukraine has started. The Flower Expo Ukraine is the one and only exhibition for the Horticultural Business. Many leading national and international companies participate at the Flower Expo yearly and trade visitors from all over Ukraine and CIS countries visit the exhibition each year.

The exhibition is the perfect opportunity to create attention for the baptism of a promising Gerbera novelty Lady Mara®. Right after the official opening of Flower Expo Ukraine, Florist Holland and the organization of the Flower Expo organized a baptism ceremony were this new Gerbera variety is presented and named after Maryna Kinakh. Mrs. Kinakh is an honoured journalist of Ukraine and a curator of several social projects. On top of that she is an important ambassador for the Horticultural industry in Ukraine.

As a breeder in Gerberas Florist Holland is always acting locally to develop the right varieties that meet the needs and standards of the market. With Lady Mara® we found a perfect variety for Ukraine, with similarly strong characteristics as Maryna Kinakh and align with the vision of Florist Holland. Lady Mara® is an expressive flower with an energizing bright pink colour and an eye catching, contrasting green centre. This Gerbera deserves to be in the centre of attention with its beautiful appearance. Lady Mara® spreads positive emotions on people and their beloved ones.

Lady Mara® can be seen at stand E2 of Florist Holland at Flower Expo Ukraine, up to and including 18 April!

Lady Mara® is now available for professional Gerbera growers. Besides this variety Florist Holland offers a wide range of spectacular new varieties, with the perfect characteristics for cultivation and trade. Bred and propagated with passion and commitment to you. Ready for a successful cooperation?

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