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Florist Holland promotes April’s favorite!

April is Gerbera’s favorite month. During this month a lot of attention will be paid to bringing the diversity of Gerberas to the attention of the supply chain. Both by the Flower Council of Holland under the title ‘Beautiful What Flowers Do’ and the collective promotion committee on behalf of the Dutch growers, Coloured by Gerbera.  Breeder Florist Holland is putting its Gerbera varieties in the spotlight during this month in order to encourage exporters to participate in this major Gerbera campaign.

Anyone who has visited the Florist show greenhouse assortment last season knows that there is plenty of development in the pipeline of Gerbera breeding. Meanwhile, the Gerbera market has an extensive assortment. Various varieties with different characteristics in the cultivation and in the processing process. The demand for a suitable product is great. In order to be able to supply the perfect Gerbera that meets specific market needs, Florist Holland is looking for interaction in the supply chain. By sharing the breeding process at an early stage, the demand for flowers can be linked to Florist’s Gerbera range.

Are you curious about the developments and creations in our wonderful world of Gerberas?
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