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New strategy and identity Florist Holland

The world around us is changing, Florist Holland with her wide assortment and various services, has to be ready for this. The quality and specifications of our cut flower, potted plants and garden gerbera’s reflects not only the wishes of today’s consumers, Florist Holland is also focusing on the future consumer. Based on the latest technologies and innovations, the enthusiastic Florist team, will continue to develop new varieties and sales concepts for the future. The combination of disciplines such as; breeding, sales, production and marketing leads to fantastic and innovative results.

Always surprising

Innovation, ambition and loyalty are the top priorities within Florist Holland. This means our partners and clients can expect the unexpected. Our market is changing and together with our valuable partners we are thinking outside the box!! For decades Florist offers business to business marketing support and concepts but the new world asks more from us……business to consumer! Together with our clients we want to generate new ideas in order to create more added value for the end consumer and to bring the gerbera products to a higher level!!

New Corporate Identity

With these new aspirations, Florist has created a new corporate identity. Brighter colours and a modern stylized flower in our logo are the visual characteristics of the new corporate concept. These substantial adjustments go much further…..our website is completely upgraded and provides lots of useful features and downloadable content such as technical information, high resolution images, promotional material etc. This will be supported by new multimedia campaigns to emphasize the star quality of our products and concepts among consumers.

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